Saturday, May 30, 2020

Musings in a Time of Crisis XXIII

Jennifer Davis, Justice for George Floyd

Fatal Force

                                       Memorial Day
                                       May 25, 2020

George was not muzzled
but he could not breathe

but the cop on his neck
could, and did, he breathed,

and the two on his back,
they breathed, too, too easily

taking the law in their hands
well-practiced in their malice

in blue and a badge.

For almost nine slow minutes
George was pinned to ground,

crying out, I can't breathe I can't
breathe man my face I can't breathe. . . 

camera on, taping going on,
a girl somewhere crying out,

you're killing him, Bro,

and bystanders understanding
he's dying, Bro,

and George would be like Eric was
before him — remember? —

and plea

till his very breath cut out,
silenced under a damned cop's knee.

Knees on spine, another knee on neck,
knees never kneeled to George

no more than their dead suspect.

Transported away,
his name never prayed,

George Floyd it was, George lost his life that day.


May George Floyd rest in peace and peace be with his family.

My thanks to artist Jennifer Davis for use of her portrait of George Floyd.

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