Friday, May 8, 2020

Artists and Poets Respond to the Pandemic (5)

Since the online exhibition "Artists and Poets Respond to the Pandemic" went live last week, I have been pairing daily in this space one poem with one artwork. My selections today are two erasure poems — also known as visual poetry — created by Drew Myron.

The first visual poem is titled "Canopy of you" or "The Seasons" and was inspired by the word "Shelter."

When shadows fall / When a big wind blows / I took / shelter in / the / canopy of you


The second visual poem is titled "Hymn" and was inspired by the word "Strength."

The seas are dark / grant us strength / kneel beside / our / panic / yet again.

Drew generously contributed several additional poems to the project, "Doctors say lost sense of smell may be clue to coronavirus" (inspired by the word "Fear"), "Tuesday, pandemic" (inspired by the word "Resilience"), and "Next to next" (inspired by the word "Touch").

Drew Myron is a writer and editor who lives in Oregon. Commenting on her experience of the pandemic, she writes, "Art is solace in these dark days, and writing is providing me great comfort." 

St. Michael's Episcopal Church, which supports the arts ministry I lead, is hosting the complete multi-part online exhibition; the church recently launched an Instagram page where images of participating artists' work may be seen. (Images are added daily.)

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