Saturday, January 9, 2010

He's Got X-Ray Vision

I travel beyond the surface and show something for what it's worth, what it's really made of, how it really works; but also I find that I've got the benefit of taking away the surface. . . the things that people are used to seeing.
~ Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey uses x-rays in his work. Outsize x-rays that he keeps behind a heavy closed door. He jokes that opening and closing the door to his x-ray room is the only exercise he gets every day.

In fact, when Nick Veasey goes behind that enormous door to work, he gets a lot more than you might think (including, on at least two occasions, significant exposures to radiation). A lot that we usually never see, could not see but for Nick Veasey's work: what's deep inside, what's beautiful in the most mundane and familiar of things, what leaves us wondering at the hidden structures of nature. . . or a Boeing 747.

Take a few minutes and see for yourself:

This man who says he dreams in x-rays, can see in his dreams what his x-raying will bring forth, recently was honored by London's Victoria and Albert Museum, which asked him for two images for its British Collection of Photography. For one, Veasey is taking apart an entire Mini and x-raying every one of its component parts; then, from these efforts, which he estimates will take three months, he plans to create an interactive lightbox that shows how the car works. I probably won't get to London to see this but I already can see something of what's forthcoming, on Veasey's site. Go here and then click on News to see one of the finished pieces. The Gallery on Veasey's site also is worth a look-see.


Janet Oberholtzer said...

Thanks for sharing this - enjoying seeing all the images.
X-rays have been on my mind recently - I had some taken of my back/neck and that got me thinking about emotional and spiritual x-rays and I wrote a post about it earlier this week and I have another one brewing.

katdish said...

I swear, Maureen - you find the most interesting stuff!

Unknown said...

I love the way you make me see art, Maureen. Have you ever? An x-ray? So fascinating. Seeing beneath the surface. Wow.

Louise Gallagher said...

How fascinating!

Thanks for sharing. It is amazing -- I never thought of x-ray as art -- and yet, the images he created are very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

he is really into the x
i especially like the natural flowers and plants.

the idea of looking under the surface of what we see in an interestng idea in itself.

Maureen said...

Janet, a post on spiritual x-rays sounds fascinating. I'll look forward to it.

Kathy, what can I say? I love to browse.

Laura, I wasn't sure what Veasey was up to when I saw an item about hi, but when I clicked over to the video and watched, I knew I'd have to post it. It's clear how much Veasey loves what he's doing. He's just so creative.

Louise, I agree. One thing I really like about Veasey is that he presses further and further down below the surface until he gets the image he sees in his dreams. And as he shows us, the depth he goes produces some things truly astonishing.

nAncY, I've always been fascinated with what's below the surface. In college I took courses on Chomsky's theory of deep structures, what's "under" the words we write or speak. Difficult stuff to wrap the head around but illuminating when the "aha" moment comes.

Dianna Woolley said...

The human mind is so fascinating. This guy has used a part of his brain that we all have but what an amazingly non-conventional art product he's produced. Thanks for sharing NV's work!