Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Renaissance Rising: Website Redesign

New Renaissance Rising, as described here in an earlier post, is a movement to reintegrate art of all kinds (dance, painting, music, theatre, sculpture, film, and more) into our faith communities and to enable spiritually oriented arts to flourish in our cultures.

Since participating in an historic "Arts Summit" convened in Rome last November, NRR has launched a completely redesigned Website. In addition to "Arts Resource Links", there are sections offering news of recent NRR-related events and the movement's progress around the world, articles such as Makoto Fujimura's "Why Art Matters", materials and ideas to inspire initiatives in your own spiritual communities, and sources of practical insights and guidance for "Hearing God in Your Creativity". The latter section highlights, for example, books such as J. Scott McElroy's Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity.

Finding Divine Inspiration, NRR's blog, is here.

NRR welcomes submissions of links to Websites of artists and art organizations.

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Laura said...

This sounds interesting, Maureen. I will check them out. You are such a good resource person. Thanks for sharing all your special places with us.