Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

This has been a week of "finds". Here are six that I'm pleased to share with you today.

✸ German wood carver Veit Stoss is the subject of a Jonathan Jones post on the meaning of craft as exemplified in "hyponotising accomplishment, in wood".

✸ Renwick Gallery curator Nicholas Bell is interviewed here about glass artist Karen LaMonte whose stunning "Reclining Dress Impression with Drapery" has been acquired by the Renwick, part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. (Lucky are those of us living in the Washington, D.C., area.) The acquisition is part of an extraordinary glass dress series that took LaMonte approximately 10 years to complete. LaMonte is presenting an illustrated lecture at SAAM on February 26.

✸ A Maya Stein poem on a blog I follow sent me to her Website. Stein seems to have her hand a little bit in lots. Her poetry, which she shares  in weekly bytes she calls "10-line Tuesdays", is worth more than a casual read.

✸ Jay Adler's blog, itself an often fascinating place to land, sent me to BloodLotus, an online literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction, and "anything in between" (ponder that!). The cover of Issue 14, "Georgia's mask" by Megan Pinch, was hook enough for me to dive in.

All the Words is a place where "words roam around and make a lot of noise" until their owner "lets them out to play". Take a look at the poems here. You might find more than a few you'd like to invite onto a keepsake page.

✸ Cathleen Falsani, formerly religion writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, is an author of several books, including The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers. She blogs at "The Dude Abides". Her Website, GodGrrl, tracking the adventures of Cathleen Falsani, is here.



Laura said...

These sounds like true gems, Maureen. I can't believe there is a gospel according to the Coen brothers! I love those guys. Will have to send this site to hubs :)

Many blessings to you!

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Thank you for those great links!