Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who Needs Resolutions?

This is the time of year when some seriously, and many not, set about making resolutions, stating their intentions to do something, accomplish something, during the new year: perhaps learn a new language, volunteer at a local shelter, be kinder, try harder, make amends to someone.

This is a story that doesn't need that kind of resolution. It's about a beginning following an ending that failed to happen.

The story begins where he starts: by making fun of himself in front of people who go to a comedy club for drinks and maybe a good laugh, if he's having a good night. Giving them all he's got is just his way of getting the obvious out of the way.

What's obvious he acquired in 2007, in some place in Iraq we won't ever be....

To find out "what's obvious" and read the rest of my essay, go here, where I'm guest-posting today at Hey Look, A Chicken! I'm grateful for the opportunity to appear at katdish's blog. Thank you, Kathy.

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