Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soul-Care: Songs for Journeying (Poem)

The poem below, created for Poetry Party #43 at Abbey of the Arts, comprises all but a few of the words found in the Wordle above. Designed by the Abbey's Christine Valters Paintner, the 132-word Wordle is made up of each of the words selected by the Abbey's readers for a "Give Me a Word" challenge, described here.

For Poetry Party #43, the challenge is to write a poem using as many of the words in the Wordle as possible and, excluding connectors and pronouns, as few other words as possible. Submissions are due Friday, January 15; post your poems or a link in the comment box here. Check daily for the poems that have been entered or for links to poems on readers' own blogs.

On Friday, Christine will draw at random a name of one of the participants and send the winner a copy of her reflective arts journal titled Sacred Poetry: An Invitation to Write.

Soul-Care: Songs for Journeying

Choose a
pilgrimage to heal.

Journey first
where pain
once held dominion
was victorious
your daily discipline.

Birthing surrender
takes courage.


Now grounded,
go slow.

Paradigms of
wisdom, contemplation
and reflections

Abide the birth of
your own self's
amazing sanctuary

Enliven and nurture
the joybird tribe within.


Trust intention
and commitment.


In alignment
light and shadow

Create a life-dance.


To forgive the sovereignty
of the unknowing self

Is to sacrifice the pain
of the unknowing self.


There is no kairos.
Do this now:

Carve space to
shed the surface cloak
of supple humility.

Accept the unfolding
to soar beyond the
the threshold set
as a tree in
unmovable earth.

Sacrifice the impermanence
of presence among us
to come into the light you shine.

Your bold adventure
in creativity
ends in restoration

And peace.


The gentle free-falling away
into the spaciousness
of silence
bids you
discover the lacuna.

To forgive your self
is to know the joyful.


Manifest the joyful.


Open a door to
the still radiant blaze
of communion.

Drink of the water
of kindness
and laughter.

Savor your happiness.


The inseparability
of self from self
is cause

To celebrate.



Sing of mercy.
Sing of redemption.


Bask in the serenity
of mindfulness

The openings
to self-trust


Surrender to the wonder
Where light and shadow
align to order

Your own joyful


Anonymous said...

As another who has spent time with these words, with the wordle, I appreciate the context of 'songs for the journey': so very nicley done!

L.L. Barkat said...

This I really liked...

"Birthing surrender
takes courage"

sarah said...

This is beautiful.

drw@bainbridge.net said...

Aww -- LL Barkat took my favorite lines! the whole thing is indeed lovely...

I posted to carry on Tuesday today instead...

Glynn said...

I love "manifest the joyful." Beautiful poem, Maureen.

Abbey of the Arts said...

Maureen, you did an incredible job with these words - it is amazing to me how many different poetic expressions can be created from the same words. Many images resonate here with me - a couple of my favorites: "open a door to the still radiant blaze of communion" and "accept the unfolding responsibility to soar. . . "

M.L. Gallagher said...

Ok, so now I am in absolute awe.

My favourite lines -- all of them but these in particular:

Surrender to the wonder

Where light and shadow
align to order

Your own joyful