Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thought for the Day

Words make you think a thought.
Music makes you feel a feeling.
A song makes you feel a thought.
~ E.Y. Harburg

Edgar Yipsel Harburg (1896 - 1981), known as E.Y. "Yip" Harburg, was a lyricist and poet, most famous, perhaps, for writing the words to all of the songs for the 1939 film classic The Wizard of Oz.

For women's rights and a civil rights agitator, Harburg was known as "Broadway's social conscience". His activist's legacy is carried on by The YIP Harburg Foundation, which initiates and funds projects on social and economic justice and  educational opportunity, and American political art that addresses cultural and social issues or the exposure and elimination of economic and social discrimination and exploitation. The foundation has helped fund many documentaries, including Fear and Favor in the Newsroom, The Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist, The Weather Underground, Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action, and Porgy and Bess: An American Voice.

Harburg's Rhymes for the Irreverent was published in January 2006 by the Freedom from Religion Foundation.


Anonymous said...

interesting info ♥

Kathleen said...

I love commemorative stamps. All my stuff is going out right now with the Black Heritage Oscar Micheaux stamp. Katharine Hepburn awaits, and I am sort of unable to part with the gorgeous many-sized stamps in the Abtract Expressionists series. On personal letters and SASEs, I use the stamp that funds breast cancer research.

And Dorothy Gage, the little girl who inspired Dorothy Gale of Kansas, is buried in my town.

Yay for Yip. Thanks to you.

Louise Gallagher said...

Love the quote!

Thank you for the Honour.

I have passed it along :)

Brian Miller said...

interesting...will have to look up that book...

Sandra Heska King said...

And a thought can birth words and music and a song.

Love this quote.

lettnin said...

Thanks Maureen for visiting my blog. Now I`m curious to know your poetry.
best regards