Friday, June 17, 2011

Dreaming (Poem)


I'd do that
but I've got poems
to write and
two small dogs
needing a walk by the time
laundry is folded

and meals made.
Excuse me, will you?
What calls me
I don't want
more than sleep to dream it all
works out in the end.

© 2011 Maureen E. Doallas

I'm participating in the #Trust30 challenge, an online writing/reflection initiative for which a prompt is posted daily. All of the prompts to date are here.

This poem is my response to the 18th prompt from Michael Rad, co-founder of Holstee:

Abide in the simple and noble regions of thy life, obey thy heart.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write down your top three dreams. Now write down what's holding you back from them.

* * *

Most of the prompts have taken as their focus the future or overcoming obstacles to living one's dream(s). I keep pulling myself back and into the present, where I can find inspiration enough.

All of my responses to prompts have been in the form of poems. This poem is written in Shadorma form, which requires six lines following a 3-5-3-3-7-5 syllabic pattern and may comprise more than one stanza.

Poems for prompts 16 and 17 are:

Looking Elsewhere

Pressing It

My poem for prompt 15, "Truth Be Told", and a list of my responses to prompts 1-14 are here.


Tulika Verma said...

i can relate! makes a lot of sense to me! :) honest poem :)

Anonymous said...

i like how you bring it into the present where you find plenty of inspiration and it is enough. that is just plain beautiful.

Ruth said...

I relate to this utterly, filtering the now through written lines. Living this day. It is good to be content, even when life is busy and crazy. I find the writing keeps me balanced, maybe you do too.

Louise Gallagher said...

This is really good. I love how you found the freedom to 'dream' present in the everyday things.