Sunday, June 19, 2011

Out of Touch (Poem)

Photo © Chris Galford

Out of Touch

You take forever to make
your mark, expecting us

to get the point
of bold block letters

in purple pink and orange
too exuberant for some

who'd never look below
your surface; hardened, never

see what signs can crowd
out meaning, leaving you,

like us, just tracks in snow.

© 2011 Maureen E. Doallas

I offer this poem for the One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge at One Stop Poetry, which today features images of graffiti by Chris Galford

Anyone may participate in the challenge. View the post "One Shoot Sunday's Been Graffiti'd!", and then scroll down for instructions for contributing an original poem or piece of flash fiction inspired by the photos.


dustus said...

Final line really drives home the point of the title. Looking below the surface and sorting through signs... meaningful, as is the way the structure enhances message; for instance "see what signs can crowd /
out meaning, leaving you," The "out meaning" on a new line separates from the crowd. Very well crafted poem, Maureen.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I appreciate the pacing of your poem, seems an antithesis to how I imagine graffiti artist's painting...

(and again, that could be entirely my perception.)

Grand to find you here, at One Stop, as well as at #trust30.

Jenne' R. Andrews said...

First hitting me from this: your invaluable empathy-- leave it to you to think first of the maker, the artist, the one who needs, yearns, and dreams. Beautiful and tender, Maureen. xj

Anonymous said...

Loved the tracks in the snow. Great angle on this photo. Nice flow to your poem.

signed...bkm said...

leaving like us just tracks in the snow....beautiful Maureen...bkm

Patricia said...

Powerful. never look below your surface, hardened, never see what signs can crowd out meaning... I really liked this. Last line is amazing.

Henry Clemmons said...

I believe this is my first pleasure to read one of your posts. Very elegant and well stated. Excellent visuals and kept my creative attention from start to finish. A lot of oohs and ahhs for me reading this. You have skill.