Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Saturday Sharing's first edition in the new year shares links to the series "Library Hacks", the 84000 project to translate and preserve sacred Buddhist texts, an online program, Audiofiles, for radio lovers, the beautiful Visualising China site, and the searchable database of public library records of 1891-1902, What Middletown Read. Today's video feature is about the extraordinary architectural installations of Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen.

✦ Thanks to The Bigger Picture blog, I continue to discover the riches of mining online resources created by the Smithsonian Institution. One of note is the Smithsonian Institution Libraries blog, which is featuring an ongoing series "Library Hacks". A recent post highlighted the Libraries' tremendous trade literature collection, comprising more than 500,000 catalogues, technical manuals, advertising brochures, price lists, company histories, and other materials for more than 30,000 U.S. companies. You'll find all kinds of interesting stuff in that collection.

Smithsonian Libraries on FaceBookTwitter, Flickr, and YouTube

✦ Bristol University in the United Kingdom is behind the creation of Visualising China, a Web-based project that allows users to "explore and enhance" more than 8,000 digitized photographs taken in China between 1850 and 1950. Read more about the creation of the project here.

✦ Seeking to ensure the preservation of sacred Buddhist texts, 84000 is a nonprofit global initiative to translate and make accessible to everyone the words of Buddha. The effort involves the translation of 1,169 Kangyur texts comprising 70,000 pages (these are Buddha's spoken teachings); 4,093 Tengyur texts totaling some 161,800 pages (these consist of Indian scholars' treatises on the Kangyur); and  not-yet-counted Sungbum texts (Tibetan scholars' treatises on the Kangyur). Founding sponsorship opportunities are available; the project is seeking to raise US $5 million by 2014. 

84000 on FaceBook

✦ An independent production created this past November, Audiofiles aims to compile for your listening pleasure all the stories other radio lovers enjoy. You may browse the site by selecting stories by type, producer, or source and even save a story to your personal playlist.

Audiofiles on Twitter

✦ The project What Middletown Read comprises both database and search engine built on circulation records of Muncie (Indiana) Public Library from 1891 to 1902. Slate published a feature on the project on which Ball State University is collaborating. There's also a blog that tracks updates and new site features. (My thanks to The Book Bench blog for the link to the Slate article.)

✦ Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen creates extraordinary installations, as shown in this approximately 44-minute documentary. It is mind-boggling to consider the work that she puts into deconstructing a set of apartments and then building an entirely new interior in a building slated for demolition.

ART WORK IN PROGRESS - an impression from Remmelt Lukkien on Vimeo.


Louise Gallagher said...

wow -- so much to see and learn adn explore!

I browsed through the documentary -- oh my -- that is extraordinary!

Anonymous said...

Yummy yummy yay!! Library Loot!!

Hannah Stephenson said...

Ooh---I'm looking forward to learning more about Marjan Teeuwen, definitely. Her work really resonates with me.