Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Too cold today to be outside? You've come to the right place to warm up your brain. You'll find a new Website about early photography as well as links to that wildly popular Octavio Paz poetry app that everyone's buzzing about, a blog for DIY craft projects (including such inspirations as vintage-tapestry animals and a button piano), and the rather strange but charming world of Hobo Lobo. And don't miss Fiverr®.The video feature is Seventeen Evergreen's delightful piece on yarn-bombing. Enjoy!

Understanding Early Photography from the Smithsonian's Museum Conservation Institute launched late last year. The Website is intended to "communicate scientific and technical data to scholars and the general public" about early photographic materials discovered using techniques such as computational imaging and electron microscopy. Daguerreotypes are one of the early forms of photography examined in overview. (My thanks to The Bigger Picture blog for the link.)

✦ The collection of Carnegie Institute, Museum of Art records has been digitized. Go here for a post documenting the effort.

✦ As anyone will tell you, you can find anything on the Internets. Even if you're a writer. Maybe especially if you're a writer. Post at fiverr® whatever writing project you're willing to do for $5.00. (My thanks to Poetry Foundation for the link.)

✦ Proof that poetry is popular? A poem by Nobel laureate Octavio Paz, "Blanco", has become a wildly successful app in Mexico. A Spanish-language video presentation of the app, which includes video interviews and texts by writers that influenced Paz, is on YouTube.

✦ If you're looking for a source for all levels of DIY craft projects, you need look no further than the Craft Blog. I especially like the recent post on life-size, taxidermy-style tapestry animals by French designer Frederique Morrel. (Be sure to take some time on Morrel's site; the creations there are stunning.) The button piano by sculptor Augusto Esquivel (stop in here, too!) also will leave you inspired. Additional views of the piano are here and in a video that features additional Esquivel installations.

✦ If you're a fan of pop-up books, you might enjoy the virtual pop-up world of the Hobo Lobo of Hamelin. (Be sure to move around or click your mouse to take advantage of sound and other effects.) For an explanation of the creation of Hobo Lobo, go here.

✦ Yarn-bombing has been the rage for a while. This video from Seventeen Evergreen is an example of yarn-bombing taken to another level. Enjoy!

Seventeen Evergreen - Polarity Song from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

yarn, yarn, yarn and more YARN !
let's go on a yarn hunt!

S. Etole said...

Lots of good variety here.