Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Artist Watch Feature at Escape Into Life

Maysey Craddock, shadow and light, 2014
Gouache and Thread on Found Paper
33" x 48.25"
Copyright © Maysey Craddock


Today, you'll find me once again at Escape Into Life, where I've posted a new Artist Watch feature. I'm delighted to spotlight the work of Maysey Craddock.

Drawn to and inspired by Alabama's Gulf Coast, which she has been visiting all her life, Maysey explores in her nature-inspired landscapes the themes of impermanence, ruin, memory, and entropy and, in particular, what happens when humans and nature intersect. She captures in her art a sometimes startling mix of the resolute and the ever-changing.

You'll find in the Artist Watch feature eight of Maysey's paintings, all on found paper, an Artist Statement, a brief biography, and a hyperlinked list of representative galleries that carry the artist's internationally exhibited work.

Maysey Craddock on FaceBook

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