Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Short

Film Poster

Below you'll find the trailer for the 2015 award-winning, beautifully filmed documentary Los Reyes del Pueblo que No Existe (Kings of Nowhere), the first feature-length work from Mexican filmmaker Betzabe Garcia. (English subtitles are provided.)

The documentary is the story of three families in northwestern Mexico whose village is partially underwater. Out of loneliness and fear, the residents refuse to leave, living each day as it comes.

Read an interview with the director. Betzabe Garcia says "the courage and drive" of the people of San Marcos, in Sinaloa state, which was flooded when Picachos dam was constructed beginning in 2006, inspired her to make the film, and she cautions that the people "don't see themselves as victims".

My thanks to The Curator magazine, which posted a review of the documentary.

Los Reyes on FaceBook and Twitter

Of Interest: Sergio Solache's "Mexico Villages Vanish Under Flood of Dams" (November 12, 2009)

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