Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday Wonder: 100 Years to Build a Library

For Oslo, Norway, Scottish artist Katie Paterson conceived and has initiated Future Library (Framtidsbiblioteket), which will not come to fruition for 100 years. Her concept: Plant 1,000 trees in Nordmarka, a forest north of Oslo, to be used to create paper for a series of books to be printed in 100 years. 

Each year, one writer is to be commissioned to contribute a text, and every text is to be held in trust, unpublished and unread, in a room designed by the artist, until 2114. The first writer who contributed to the initiative is Margaret Atwood. Read "Margaret Atwood - The First Writer to Contribute to Future Library" (pdf).

A limited-edition artwork, comprising a certificate entitling buyers to one complete set of the published texts, is  to be offered. 

Below is a video with Katie Paterson, who discusses her project, which raises many questions in light of technology advances, resource use and needs, climate change, vocational aspirations, and cultural and socioeconomic considerations.

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