Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday Short

When I was dreaming, / I took my body
to beautiful places / I'd never been. . . . 
~ Dawn Landes

If you missed "A song for my hero, the woman who rowed into a hurricane", a TED Talk when I posted it some time ago on FaceBook, click the link and watch the short now. Singer-songwriter Dawn Landes is creating a musical about the extraordinary and inspirational efforts of an American woman, explorer Tori Murden McClure, to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Her boat was 23 feet long, 4 feet high, and 6 feet wide, and it weighed approximately 1,800 pounds.

McClure wrote a book about her feat of endurance, titled after the name of her boat, A Pearl in the Storm: How I Found My Heart in the Middle of the Ocean (Harper, 2009). 

McClure, the first woman and first American to ski to the geographic South Pole, successfully completed her ocean voyage in 1999. She was the first woman and  first American to do so.

Read selections from McClure's journals.

HarperCollins Speakers Bureau Page for Tori Murden McClure

Tom Foreman's Interview with McClure for National Geographic

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