Friday, February 26, 2010

All Art Friday

All Art Friday

ECVA Exhibition

The Episcopal Church & Visual Arts's newest exhibit, "Recognition & Return", is online now. Curated by The Reverend Catherine Quehl-Engel, chaplain of Cornell College and associate priest of Trinity Episcopal Church, Iowa City, Iowa, the show presents spiritually and artistically "mature" work from more than two dozen ECVA member artists, including Diane Walker, Roberta Karstetter, David Orth, and C. Robin Janning.

ECVA's next call for entries for In Fellowship and Communion, is here. Submissions are due April 26.

Upcoming Passion, Revenge. . . and Tango

LaCarmen Tango is coming to Washington's Lisner Auditorium (730 21st St., N.W.), March 6, for an international premiere performance of "love, passion, obsession and. . .tango". Choreographed by Alicia Orlando, with music by tango composer Raul Garello and Pan American Symphony Orchestra, LaCarmen Tango is set in Buenos Aires circa 1900 and features as principal dancers Alicia Orlando, Claudio Barneix, Alvaro Palau, and Arlington, Virginia's own Lucy Bowen McCauley of Bowen McCauley Dance Company.

The performance is sponsored by GW Lisner Auditorium, Trinity Washington University, D.C. Commission on the Arts & the Humanities, the Embassy of Argentina, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, and Comercio Internacional y Culto de la Republica Argentina. Tickets ($30 - $45) are available through TicketMaster or PayPal.


Artween is the latest fully wired social network for artists, galleries, museums and foundations, art students, and plain folk who love art. You may register at no cost, create a personal page, and talk art with like-minded members. The site includes Weenart, described as the "first search engine of artworks" registered on Artween; News; ArtweenTV, which delivers art news and interviews with artists; and MarketPlace, which traffics in all things art, including job announcements and offers to exchange studios.

Art Heroes Thought Radio

Recently, I happened upon Art Heroes Thought Radio, subtitled "Conversations About Living and Working in the Arts". Host John T. Unger, a designer and professional artist known for his "fire bowls", says that his goal for AHTR is to help figure out how artists do what they do. To that end, he features every Thursday evening conversations with emerging and established artists, creative professionals, and experts in related fields. He goes behind the scenes to learn how artists build their careers, market themselves to success, and manage their artistic lives. On Tuesday evenings Unger devotes himself to call-in shows, each with its own pre-announced theme, such as pricing art, approaching galleries, or selling art online. A recent show was about promoting art on the radio.

Art Heroes episodes are available free as downloadable podcasts or streaming audio. Transcripts of archived shows may be purchased individually or via subscription.

To learn more about Unger and what he has to offer, go here. He's on Twitter and Facebook, posts images of his work on Flickr, and writes at I Got No Zen.

Twisp River Glass

I wrote last Friday about the Baltimore Craft Show in town through this weekend. If you go, be sure to check out the work of Washington State artists Allison Ciancibelli and Jeremy Newman of Twisp River Glass. Images from portfolios on their site will knock you out.

Call for Artists

Artists in any medium are encouraged to answer Adam Lister Gallery's call for submissions for a summer group show to take place June 4 through July 18. Lister, in Fairfax City, Virginia, will consider artwork in any medium, subject matter, and size (up to 70x80 inches). The deadline is May 1. Details are here. (Note: ALG will receive 30 percent commission on sales at the exhibition.)

He Said It!

. . . I love art and I love the life of art and I only wish that the real life of art could affect social change in a good way and that the invasion of commercialism in art and the invasion of entertainment into all areas of our lives hadn't brought some of the worst features of our culture in the realm of art. ~ Painter Kenneth Noland, (1924 - 2010), "The Bennington Years" Symposium, University of Hartford, March 1988

Noland's official Website is here.

For a wonderful remembrance of Kenneth Noland, see Mark Dagley's "Kenneth Noland" in The Brooklyn Rail.
Stand With Haiti


M.L. Gallagher said...

Good morning Maureen, I woke up early this morning and thought, "Oh goodie. It's All Art Friday, I wonder what treasures Maureen has to share?"

And, as always, you deliver wonder via the web.

and, I've got a bit of extra time to explore. How perfect is that?

Thanks my friend -- as always, your comments are so appreciated on my blog too.



Joyce Wycoff said...

Maureen ... do you ever sleep? You are truly amazing!


Loved the beautiful pieces at ECVA - absolutely gorgeous pieces that you highlighted from some artists I know online and some I look forward to knowing.

Friday's art day is always a feast here on your site!


katdish said...

Thank you for being my online source of all thing cultural. Now, if you will excuse me, Gladys is on the phone with Ellen DeGenerous.

Bonnie Gray said...

I agree with Kathy! You are my online source of culture as well!

I loved watching Argentine Tango live here in SF many years ago. I have never forgotten it. It's so worth it. Music, passion, dance..