Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

It's Saturday again and time to share some sites you might have missed during your spin this week on the Web.

✭ Thirty "awesome" poetry blogs have been compiled by Online Universities and Colleges. Some of the blogs in this list are in my own blogroll. One, How a Poem Happens, was the subject of a post of mine last year. (Note: Be sure to scroll down to find the blogs, which are linked. A few ads at the top tend to obscure the post.)

✭ Art auctions may never be the same. On 140hours, original artworks, including photographs, are sold using Twitter. A special "140hours Valentine's Day Weekend" is going on now. Instructions on how to bid on the art using Twitter are provided on the homepage. You can find 140hours on FaceBook, too.

✭ Iconographer Caroline Furlong, who is listed in The Artists Registry of Episcopal Church & Visual Arts, views her art as a "visual language" that allows her to communicate "mystery [of] the ineffable kind". In a feature on Menachem Wecker's always interesting blog Iconia, Furlong says that she regards  her work as sacred art, "because in creating we participate with God, the Creator of all things." Hers is a wonderful statement of our art-making gifts.

Images of Furlong's recent works are here. Images of her lovely icons are here. Furlong is listed as a studio artist at Scottsdale's Xanadu Gallery and has a page on FineArtStudioOnline.

musician, Furlong lives in Houston, where she's director of contemporary music at Grace Episcopal Church. Her debut album was Wondrous Love.

Follow Furlong on Twitter.

✭ Word of Reflection Art Gallery & Studios, operated by the Art for Change Foundation in New Delhi, came to me by way of my blogging friend Jan Richardson, about whom I've written several posts.

Reflection is no ordinary art gallery, and its name reflects its mission: to hold a mirror to call us to "look again", to create art with a social conscience. As its About page says, "And conscience has at its core the idea of human dignity, a fact which flows from each human being created as a reflection of the Divine. Conversely, beauty outside and the creative process within each of us reflect something uniquely profound about the Creator."

In addition to an Artist-in-Residence program, the gallery and foundation sponsor an annual "Creative Conscience" workshop, as well as specialized workshops for persons who are "marginalized" in society, and offer art and social impact training and social issues seminars for students and adults. The gallery has a unique program to rent art.

Currently on exhibition is artwork by children from the Windows Art Center, established in New Delhi in 2000 to promote creative, discovery-led education founded on observation and inquiry.

✭ Ever wonder why Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear? The Art Newspaper has done a bit of sleuthing and thinks it's found a clue. And yes, it involves a fateful letter and brother Theo. Enough mystery! Go here for the "exclusive".

✭ Japanese aesthetics are the focus of Leonard Koren, artist, designer, architect, and author of Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers (the catalyst for this book was a tea ceremony), Gardens of Gravel and Sand (described as a "philosophical enquiry into Japanese rock gardens"), and Undesigning the Bath, among others. According to Koren, "Wabi-sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. It is a beauty of things unconventional."

Cyber-Space Station 1. I promise you, this is not like any other interactive site on the Web. (A nod and a thank you to Jan Phillips for the link.)


M.L. Gallagher said...

Well my goodness. Imagine. A clue to Van Gogh's self-mutilation. I kept reading into the comments section and was fascinated by how passionately people will defend a belief, or not. Thanks Maureen. As always, my Saturday morning is enriched by your finds.

Anonymous said...

poetry blogs :-)

sarah said...

thanks! the poetry link is excellent!

Laura said...

I just love to make your finds mine! Thank you, Maureen. Some gems here, I'm sure.