Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Once again, it's Saturday and time to show you where I've spent some little bits of my snow days in the last week. Where have your days gone?

✭ Take a moment to watch this trailer for Europa, East, a new film by Anita Doron that premiered at this year's International Film Festival Rotterdam. Viewing it is like watching poetry come to life on screen. Doron, a 2010 TED Fellow, is a surrealist filmmaker and documentarian.

✭ Jewelry that is not for the faint of heart gives Valentine's Day just passed a new twist. Since 2008, artist Lola Brooks has been crafting her tropes of love using ruby-red garnets, 14k gold, copper, vitreous enamel, stainless steel, diamonds, vintage rhinestones, and other materials that might surprise you. Brooks's work is as stunning as it is sometimes outrageous. Here's an interesting article on the artist from the February/March issue issue of American Craft. Images from her solo exhibition Sentimental Foolery may be seen here; images from her show Confection are viewable here.

✭ Another "cabinet of curiosities", perhaps also not for the faint-hearted is thisMorbid Anatomy: Surveying the Interstices of Art and Medicine, Death and Culture. For the curious (and I have to say I'm one of them), this site is, in a word, fascinating. (With thanks to John Ptak for directing my attention here. His own site, Ptak Science Books, deserves a calling-out, too.)

✭ Looking for art underground? Go here. I promise you'll find enough on this site that you'll forget the clock's ticking. See, in particular, Linear: Dryden Goodwin, featuring 60 portraits of line staff on London Transport's Jubilee line. Now what's keeping my region's Metro system from doing the same? Art like this would sure beat dirty concrete walls and give us something more to consider than a jump in fares.

Mark Rothko's The Seagram Murals are at Tate Liverpool. Wish I could see them! Since visiting the serenely meditative The Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas, more than two decades ago, I've been struck by how gorgeous and emotion-packed Rothkos are. The nine paintings comprising the exhibit can be seen until March 21. Enjoy this, too.

✭ A fine piece of writing this is. The essay "Once a Writer, Always a Writer?" strikes the difference that separates writing as a job from writing as an "existential vocation". Rest in peace, J.D. Salinger.


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M.L. Gallagher said...

I like the Salinger article -- and I'm sending the article on the Tube art to my friends at the City who are responsible for our art in public spaces. It's fascinating. Every city could and must invest in its artists and show its people off!




Thanks for the Rothko link - such a brilliant color artist he was. I've always been drawn to his magic mixing techniques, stunning results!

Have a great Saturday!

Claire said...

thank you for sharing m.

Joyce Wycoff said...

Maureen ... you definitely expand my world ... thank you so much for being the explorer you are!

Anonymous said...

Thanks M for flagging the Salinger piece. Coming here is like visiting the bookstore where you always find something compelling.