Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Wonder: Contemporary Art of India

India arrived like a comet on the contemporary art scene. Unlike a comet, whose trail we try to glimpse before it disappears for another hundred years, India continues to produce an astounding array of art that draws its inspiration from local culture.

Take six minutes to watch the video posted below.* You'll see fabulous creations using bindi, the decorative "dot" women of Indian origin wear in the middle of their forehead, and thin sculptural hangings fashioned from fiber glass. You'll be moved by a sculpture of bones and cast resin — the artist's memory of a rickshaw set afire during a street riot; wonder at still another artist's use of porcupine quills to craft miniature tableau reminiscent of Kashmiri textiles. You'll applaud the reclamation of steel from salvaged cars that an artist cuts into strips and pieced together, promoting environmental awareness.

* The video, like a comet, offers but a fleeting glimpse. You'll want to watch it several times to appreciate fully the work of the 10 artists shown.

You might also enjoy these "joyscapes" by Krishna Pulkundwar, exhibited last fall at the Museum Art Gallery in Mumbai.




Stand With Haiti


Laura said...

Another fascinating art medium that broadens my world, Maureen. Amazing work.

Louise Gallagher said...

Thanks for sharing this Maureen! I was intriqued. My blog is about a play we saw last night that focused on the moving of Haida totem poles from their sacred ground to a museum here in vancouver in 1957 -- equally as compelling a story as this one.



sarah said...

you always provide such interesting links and resources.

Kathleen Overby said...

Dizzy smile.

Jan Richardson said...

Maureen, thanks so much for sharing this video--intriguing and thought-provoking. Watching it, I found myself thinking of a friend of mine, Stefan Eicher, who helped to found an organization in India called the "Art for Change Foundation." Through it, he runs Reflection Art Gallery in New Delhi, which is doing amazing work with artists around the intertwining of beauty and justice.

Thanks for broadening my horizon today and helping to fill my creative well.