Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Poets Never Go Bankrupt (Twitter Poem)

Last night I took part in a TweetSpeakPoetry jam that used Monopoly game-inspired prompts. By the end of the poetry party, nearly 300 bits of poetry had been contributed. 

Participants have been asked to create their own mash-up poem or poems from the stream of prompts and tweets; to post the poem(s) online; notify @tspoetry in a @reply on Twitter, with a link to the poem(s); and add the poem(s) link here, where an archive is being maintained.

Below is a series of short poems I've crafted from fragments of lines tweeted throughout the hour. In addition to using my own lines, I've borrowed bits and pieces from other participants: @jezamama @lindachontos @llbarkat @loonydaray @mattpriour @mdgoodyear and @tspoetry.


Poets Never Go Bankrupt

She'll tender
a single roll

twice made
for the likes of you

fry the moon
like a disk of flat bread

heavily herbed
spice it up to your liking

give it a salsa kiss
to maintain a delicate balance


remember it's so easy
to lose control

at night
by the campfire

in the moonlight
by the river

on the other side
be tender

hold on tight
cry without care

collect your thoughts
if you please


measure out the space
there is an unending supply

play on collected dreams
play for keeps

spin, dance, walk
in the light

of the high way
in the morning

under lights
so bright

shine my love
so bright

until skin blushed
with rich words

poured out
with grace

walk me home
and wish me luck


the game
of you and me

is never over
until you walk away

your hands in your pockets


if you please
come to me

with silken words
be tender

I'll laugh at your fingers
painted red


poets, willing to barter,
roll the dice

never go bankrupt
on opening night


L.L. Barkat said...

these are wonderful!

I especially like the bartering poets and the game of you and me.

Hannah Stephenson said...

"Fry the moon" is so weird and surprising--I like it! This sounds like it was a fun experiment.

S. Etole said...

great lines and it looks like a fun event ...

Louise Gallagher said...

This does sound like fun -- and your poems are awesome!

Love too -- 'fry the moon' -- enticing!

Joyce Wycoff said...

These are way fun!

Ami said...

How delightful, Maureen! Thank you for sharing!

Jenne' R. Andrews said...

is there something in the water today? Happy Thanksgiving--- these are lovely-- i'd like to try this at some point...xxxj