Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's edition of Saturday Sharing wanders From the Fishouse to the MoonPie to Happy Spaces to the small world of photomicrography to a site for international literature in translation.

✭ The nonprofit From the Fishouse is a free online audio archives showcasing emerging poets (poets with fewer than two published collections at time of submission). The poets read their own poems and answer questions about poetry and the writing process. You'll find here Sandra Beasley and Matthew Zapruder, Dan Albergotti and Dan Chiasson, Ira Sadoff and Terrance Hayes, among many other poets. Take a few minutes to explore this extraordinary resource, hear the readings, and be inspired. (My thanks to Keith at Under the Blue Light for highlighting this find.) 

From the Fishouse on FaceBook and Twitter

✭ Those of you who revel in indie music will appreciate Pitchfork, the ultimate indie music site. You'll find there reviews, features (articles, interviews, staff and guest picks),, forkcast, best new music (albums, tracks, reissues), and news of the indie music scene (tours).

✭ There is a site for everything, including the MoonPie. The brand made its appearance in 1917 and became a registered trademark for Chattanooga Bakery on January 1, 1919. According to the history on the site, a MoonPie, the "biggest snack on the rack", also known as the "Original Marshmallow Sandwich", could be purchased for a nickel in the 1930s, as could a 10-ounce RC Cola. By the end of the 1990s, it had graduated from being part of "the working man's lunch" to being NASCAR's "official snack cake". Go here to learn the decade-by-decade facts about the product, as well as the newest versions, such as MoonPie Crunch. You'll also find recipes for MoonPie Bread Pudding and Homemade MoonPie Ice Cream, among other taste treats; a section for recording and sharing your treasured MoonPie memories; and, for those so inclined to such things, assorted items bearing the brand name. And if you can't find MoonPies where you live (believe me, they're everywhere), you can order them off the site, by the box, the case, or in bulk; or travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee, or Charleston, South Carolina, where you'll find a MoonPie General Store.

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✭ An online gallery, UK-based Happy Spaces offers wall art for children by artists from all over the world. The blog is as charming as the artworks. Plans are to offer fine art prints and limited-edition originals. Happy Spaces licenses, promotes, and sells artwork online and to retailers; information for artists interested in submitting work is here.

✭ At The Paris Review you'll find a trove of interviews, by decade, from the 1950s through the current year. These interviews, which used to be available by subscription only, are with such noted writers as Jorge Luis Borges, Edward Albee, W.H. Auden, Joan Dideon, James Baldwin, Joseph Brodsky, Harold Bloom, Margaret Atwood, Robert Bly, Anne Carson, R. Crumb, and Ray Bradbury.

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Nikon has sponsored since 1974 an annual International Small World Competition that celebrates photomicrography, or the art of creating a photograph through a microscope. Entries are judged on their originality, visual impact, technical proficiency (structure, color, composition), and informational content. Work of the top 20 prize winners is exhibited at museums and science centers in the United States and Canada (tour schedule through September 25, 2011). Stunning images dating to 1977 can be seen in the Small World Gallery; for the 2010 winners, which include the first place winner's image of a mosquito heart, go here. Rules for the 2011 competition are here; the deadline is April 30, 2011.

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Universcale (Use to Experience Sizes of Objects)

✭ Just three years old, the site Three Percent, operated by the University of Rochester,  is an excellent source for modern and contemporary literature in translation.

Open Letter Books on FaceBook (Open Letter is the university's publishing house.)


Glynn said...

There are few things better in this world that a Moon Pie and a RC Cola.

Louise Gallagher said...

MoonPie -- I never heard of it! My goodness it does sound yummy :)

As do all your others finds. Yummy treats for the inquiring mind.

thanks Maureen for always filling my wandering mind with wonder.

S. Etole said...

Well, naturally, I had to make a first stop at the photography site! A mosquito heart no less ... captivating.

A. Jay Adler said...

Great link to all those Paris Review interviews, and

If you want to understand America, you have to understand the Moon Pie.

However, learning that they can be ordered online is not a boon to my life.

Anonymous said...

i've never had one...but, i like how the word rolls out of my mouth.

SY said...

definitely checking out the indie site.. thanks