Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thought for the Day

A good cause can become bad
if we fight it with means
that are indiscriminately murderous.
A bad cause can become good
if enough people fight for it
in a spirit  of comradeship and self-sacrifice.
In the end it is how you fight,
as much as why you fight,
that makes your cause good or bad.
~ Freeman Dyson, Disturbing the Universe (1979)

Freeman Dyson 

Freeman Dyson Bibliography

Freeman Dyson, "Progress in Religion", May 16, 2000

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Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey


Louise Gallagher said...

Okay -- so that quote gives me pause for thought.

Pretty powerful.

S. Etole said...

Yes ... this one requires pondering.

Von said...

A bad cause is always a bad cause isn't it whoever fights and how well?
For instance in the adoption world there are those who fight to have birth records kept sealed and unavailable to adoptees who will never be able to know who they are, their real names and families.That is a bad cause and always will be no matter how well the legislators and their supporters fight.