Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spirits With Time (Poem)

Photo Used With Permission Courtesy of Trent Chau
© Trent Chau All Rights Reserved

Spirits With Time

Breath blew a mountain
     inside out, and let a river run through it.

A single hand, splayed for full effect
     above the space where thinned clouds sway,

moved center to left before right and back again,
     whittling rough-rouged cheeks to pock-mark

the landscape with beauty strangely held. Pray
     the sign fine and according to rule. Only then

recall what no man can wring
     from the alchemy of spirits with time.

© 2010 Maureen E. Doallas

I wrote this poem for One Shoot Photography Sunday at One Stop Poetry, which today features a Picture Prompt Poetry Challenge using the Trent Chau image shown above.

Anyone may participate in the challenge. Go here to read an interview with the photographer and to learn what to do to accept the challenge.


dustus said...

Majestic lines that have a windswept tone. Enjoyed the focus on detail from riverun to personification. "alchemy of spirits w/time" Fine poem.

Ami said...

You had me at the very first line, Maureen. And I didn't need the picture to know exactly what you were describing! Excellent, beautiful poem. I do so love your poetry!

hedgewitch said...

Lots of clarity and light, images that walk away with the landscape.."beauty strangely held.." "praying the sign fine" made me go back and read it just one more time for the nicely crafted march to the conclusion.

Gigi Ann said...

I love the first two lines, caught my attention from beginning to end.

libithina said...

such alchemy indeed ~ 'pock marks' # chiselled to a 'majestic' scene ~ how well you captured the spirit of time and beauty ~ wonderful take
~ Lib ~

Anonymous said...

oh, this is breathtakingly beautiful, with finely honed images throughout - I was hooked from the first line:

Breath blew a mountain
inside out, and let a river run through it.

- that is one huge line!

Reflections said...

Love the descriptors, the imagery... especially the first lines. Well done.

Kathleen said...

I love those first two lines, too (and the allusion to A River Runs Through It!), and also these two:

whittling rough-rouged cheeks to pock-mark//the landscape with beauty strangely held.

Wow. What a fine poem!

S. Etole said...

I, too, was in with the first line ... the majesty and power of it.

Simon Hay said...

I love the first line. Best poem I've read online this year.

Anonymous said...

i was too sundayful to take part.

your poem is super fancy and cool.

Laura said...

Oh, time. Moving mountains and all that. I have such little patience. But these beautiful words help. Thanks, Maureen.

Unknown said...

i love the perspective you took and how you focused on the details of such a vastness shown...beautiful and thought-provoking. thanks:)

Chris G. said...

Divine piece, flowing as sweetly as the river running through its inspiration. Vivid, unique description; the imagery catches the mind's eye beautifully. A fine way to bring the picture into words - nature personified.

Louise Gallagher said...

Breath blew a mountain

What a beautiful poem.

but then, your poems are always beautiful and provocative and soothing and heartfelt, all in one.

Jenne' R. Andrews said...

Hi M-- this is indeed very lovely and strong. I think it's one for the books...xxxj

rivergardenstudio said...

Your words are beautiful, and the poetry that you share as well. Thanks for your comment on my blog about my book with Seth.