Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Today's edition of Saturday Sharing features links to podcasts about international literature, a wiki museum gaming site, the nonprofit poetry site Write Now, the marvelous Digital Harlem, model gaming experiences for libraries, the new site ArtFinder, and an interview with poet W.S. Merwin.

✦ Free podcasts about international literature are available at Reading the World.

✦ The latest tool to help you discover, experience, and share art is ArtFinder, which says it will give you access to "hundreds of thousands of paintings from artists, galleries, museums, and collections around the world." Launched in March, ArtFinder's database now numbers some 500,000 images, allowing users to create and share their own online collections, as well as purchase prints of favorite artworks.

ArtFinder on FaceBook

ArtFinder Blog

✦ At Lift your (museum) game, a wiki, those involved in non-commercial museum game projects and research may share what they know and have learned.

✦ Using performance, education, publishing, and grants, Write Now, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, seeks to increase the audience for poetry. Based in Long Beach, California, the organization, founded three years ago, sponsors a number of programs, including a Writers Workshop Series and a Best Contemporary American Poetry Series, and supports poetry communities, organizations, and poets. It also operates

✦ Based on legal records, newspapers, and various archival and published sources, the award-winning Digital Harlem site offers access to every-day life in New York City's Harlem in the years 1915-1930. A search for events, people, or places will generate interactive Web maps with multiple layers of results that can be combined and recombined with an assortment of historical fragments. A series of "ready-made" maps let you explore churches, the year 1925, and other features. 

✦ Libraries sometimes get a bad rap as not being hip to the virtual world. Don't believe it! At the Libraries, Literacy, and Gaming site you'll find The Librarian's Guide to Gaming: An Online Toolkit for Building Gaming @ Your Library. The kit includes resources, tips, and "best practices" for using gaming to attract not-so-traditional patrons to libraries.

W.S. Merwin, current U.S. Poet Laureate and a distinguished translator and essayist, is one of my favorites. In this video with Bill Moyers, Merwin talks about poetry, the insights he's gained as a poet, translator, and writer, and environmental issues. A transcript of the interview, conducted in 2009, is here.

Watch the full episode. See more Bill Moyers.


Laura said...

So fascinating how Merwin writes his poems on scrap paper! I really enjoyed this Bill Moyer piece. And Artfinder sounds wonderful! Such good finds, Maureen.

Anonymous said...

i am going to try and listen to the full video.
hope you are having a good saturday :-)

thelmaz said...

Hi, I have a Versatile Blogger Award for you. Pick up the button on my blog, mention mine on yours, pass the award on to 15 other bloggers, and list 7 to 10 facts about yourself (this takes a long time). Happy blogging.

Anonymous said...

i am quite taken with bill moyers' interviewing skills.