Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shakespeare Overcomes Writer's Block

Have you ever wondered whether Shakepeare, prolific as he was, experienced writer's block? Animator Anna Cohen has, and in her short, Shakespearean Tragedy (A Comedy), she gives us insight into how the great playwright, with a little help from Romeo and Juliet, might have overcome the dullness of his pen. Enjoy!

Direct Video Link

Cohen, whose features appears also at AniBoom, released her short, which uses stop-motion and Flash animation techniques, in July 2010. The film was her final project at Emunah College for Arts and Technology in Jerusalem.

My thanks to Brain Pickings where I first caught the link to the film.

Those who suffer from writer's block may also appreciate this "911 Writer's Block" site from WEbook.


Sandra Heska King said...

These are great links! Thanks, Maureen. You find the bestest stuff.

Rhi said...

Loved this! Brilliant.