Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Art, poetry, and other fun stuff are the subjects of today's new edition of Saturday Sharing.

✦ The Smithsonian American Art Museum's Peter A. Juley & Son Collection of works by sculptor Paul Manship (1885-1966) has been catalogued, digitized, and made available on SIRIS.

The Juley Collection comprises some 127,000 photographic black-and-white negatives documenting work of 11,000 American artists. The SAAM acquired the collection in 1975.

✦ The Art of the Mid East blog showcases emerging and established artists of the Middle East, as well as exhibitions and other events. It's a rich resource.

✦ The Sacred Awakening Series, a free global teleseries available live or recorded, features dozens of talks by the world's spiritual leaders.

✦ You just have to laugh when you see Notes from Chris aka urbanist Todd Lamb, who posts all around New York City as part of a project begun in 2008 and ongoing. You never know when or where a new post will appear in the Big City, and you might have to wait a long time if you accept an invitation from Chris to meet up. 

A collection of Chris's most recent notes are online.

Chris aka Todd on Twitter

✦ Seattle's independent poetry press Wave Books, which just celebrated its fifth anniversary, publishes some of the best poetry in America and promotes increased readership of poetry via nationwide readings and other events. Browse the catalogue and make purchases online. Both Softcover Series and Hardcover Series (the latter are limited-edition, signed and numbered volumes) are available by subscription, a marvelous and affordable way to build a poetry library.

Check out the site's Erasures section, which allows you to select source texts and create a poem. The site's Links also are excellent.

Wave Books on FaceBook and Twitter

✦ Everyone knows how much stuff we Americans collect. Some of us manage every so often to shake free of it all, or turn it into something else. One artist-collector, Mac Premo, has made a project of his clean-up: The Dumpster Project

Premo is a collagist, animator, commercial director, and carpenter.

The Dumpster Project from mac premo on Vimeo.

Video Link

Mac Premo on FaceBook

Mac Premo's ArtWalk05

Mac Premo at Pavel Zoubok Gallery (2010 Exibition)


Louise Gallagher said...

All fascinating! All deserving of lengthy perusal!

Thanks -- It's so beautiful out today, my visits will have to be later... though... Chris aka Todd fascinates me!

S. Etole said...

Chris's notes ... someone has a sense of humor!

Shawn said...

One man's junk is another man's treasure. I'd like to see what comes out of the dumpster project.

Anonymous said...

notes from chris is pretty cute.
and the dumpster guy...maybe he should move to a bigger place. hey, is that a gi joe or a ken head?

it was sunny here today, until late afternoon when a big dark grey cloud came over and the wind started blowing. it was like it was just sitting over newberg ... it was the big bad newberg cloud. and then it rained.