Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do you think or feel beauty?

. . . What I try to pursue now is the emotional functionality
of things. Because if I can get that right, I can make them
wonderful, and I can make them repeatedly wonderful. . . .
~ Designer Richard Seymour

Is beauty intrinsic or extrinsic? Is beauty something you know when you see it? How do you know? Does how we regard or define beauty matter?

In this fascinating talk for TEDRichard Seymour, a leading product and innovation design consultant with an international reputation, raises the provocative question, "Do we actually think beauty, or do we feel it?" Watch, as Seymour, who has spent much of his career considering and trying to answer that question, explains why even a plastic bag can be "one of the most beautiful things I know."


Louise Gallagher said...

And Wednesday Wonder flows into Thursday Temptations.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Looking forward to watching this later...I love the title. I think about this, often, too...what is the thing we feel when we see something beautiful?