Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Wonder: 'Fragile Territories'

I build machines. Then I step back and watch
and listen to what unfolds.
~ Artist Robert Henke

The combination of intensely dark and electrified light, cracking and brooding, sometimes high-pitched sound delivered via multi-channel audio, and ever-changing kinetic movement in Robert Henke's sound-and-laser installation Fragile Territories makes the performance of the artwork riveting to watch. The installation, Henke explains, features four "powerful white laser beams [that] draw a floating white object on a thirty meter wide and six meter high wall in a completely dark hall, slowly evolving shapes, edges and curves of shimmering, pulsating light." A more complete description about the performance and technology used to create the artwork can be found at the link. You'll also find there a 10-minute film of the laboratory test of the installation, which I found equally fascinating.

Enjoy this Wednesday Wonder!

A lecturer and writer on sound and creative use of computers, Henke, according to his Website, "builds and operate machines to produce art", often creating his own instruments and tools to explore and manipulate real and virtual sound, light, and movement. A professor of sound design at Berlin University of the Arts, Henke has exhibited his installations at museums and galleries as well as music festivals around the world.

Fragile Territories, which was commissioned by Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France, will be presented in Bulgaria in July and in August in Germany. 

Henke's Website features a Music Downloads Archive of his Free Track of the Month series, as well as other music releases for which Henke offers listening previews. There is some wonderful work here!

My thanks to The Creators Project where I first saw the short.

Robert Henke's Profile at Berline University of the Arts (in German) (The university offers an advanced degree program in sound studies and acoustic communication.)

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