Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Wonder: 'Bottle World' Healing Garden

At some point, the Bottle World started being an alternate reality
where I could get some comfort. . . [I]t became a place
 of celebration, and that's when it really began to grow. . . .
~ Elayne Lansford

Each of us has a particular way of handling life-threatening illness or other catastrophic life experiences. For psychologist Elayne Lansford, recovering from breast cancer, and her husband John Villanacci, a lung-transplant patient, gardening became both a source for channeling sadness, sorrow, and anger and a means to healing. Watch as Lansford takes us on a tour of her magical "Bottle World", a place for quiet reflection and meditation and a sanctuary of peace. 

My thanks to Looking at Glass, where I first learned of Lansford's wonderfully creative garden. Still photos of the garden may be viewed at Central Texas Gardener blog.

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S. Etole said...

This is fascinating. My son makes sculptures from repurposed parts. I will share this link with him.