Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Short

Today, Saturday Short looks at the creation of the Olympic Cauldron, constructed in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, for the 2012 London Olympics. Designed by architect Thomas Heatherwick, the massive work of copper (petals) and stainless steel (stems) was awarded this year the visual arts prize by the South Bank Sky Arts Awards. Art critic Jonathan Jones begs to differ with the award (see "Thomas Heatherwick's Olympic Cauldron: it's flaming well not art").

Josephine Minutillo, "Q+A with Thomas Heatherwick", Architectural Digest, April 2012

Mitchell Owens, "The 2012 Olympic Cauldron", Architectural Digest, Daily Blog, August 10, 2012

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Wyn Vogel said...

This was such a creative cauldron - amazing to see the making - thanks for the inspiration and sharing!! Wow!!