Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Muse Watches 'Twelve Simple Songs'

If you've ever been exposed to the work of Dave Bonta, Nic Sebastian, and Swoon, you know their collaborations are always a treat. If you are reading the trio's names for the first time, prepare yourself for unparalleled talent and creativity.

Bonta released earlier this spring his free digital poetry chapbook, the ekphrastic Twelve Simple Songs. (The chapbook is available in multiple e-formats. A print copy with photographs may be ordered from Peecho.) Soon after, he collaborated with Sebastian and Swoon to produce the videopoem Twelve Simple Songs. The words are Bonta's; the idea and voice, Nic Sebastian's; and the concept, editing, and music, Swoon's. The camera work is by Mathew Augustus, H. Hattori, Swee Sin Eng, and Swoon.

Take a look:

12 Simple Songs from Swoon on Vimeo.

You can find Dave Bonta at via Negativa. Bonta's author page for his chapbook is here.

Nic Sebastian, who is herself a fine poet and known for her evocative readings, writes at Very Like a Whale. She has created a page about her work online that includes links to her poems and other projects.

Belgian filmmaker Swoon has helped create scores of impressive videopoems, a number of which have been screened at various festivals. Be sure to visit his Website, where you'll find Swoon's music and a selection of videopoems that underscore his remarkable gifts for the visual, sonic, and experimental.

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