Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bill Morrison's 'The Great Flood'

Here's a 4:37-minute clip from The Great Flood, a documentary by Bill Morrison about the Mississippi River flood of 1927, which put some 27,000 square miles of land under water that in some places was 30 feet deep. The film, currently in release (it premiered in New York City January 8), has no narration or spoken dialogue but its score, by Bill Frisell, is tremendous (I could listen to it again and again). The New York Times reviewer calls the 80-minute feature-length film "visual poetry". Indeed; it is.

The trailer is also on Vimeo.

Bill Morrison on FaceBook and Twitter

Internet Archive, Mississippi River Flood of 1927, 1936 Silent Film by Signal Corps

PBS, Fatal Flood (American Experience Film) and Timeline (See sidebar for additional educational materials.)

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Benjamin Mercer, "Mississippi Flooding: The Great Flood", The L Magazine, January 1, 2014

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