Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Poetry At Work Day

Today, January 14, is the 2nd Annual Poetry At Work Day, sponsored by TweetSpeak Poetry. It even has its own manifesto.

In honor of the annual event, I've consulted the Jargon Database and put together a trio of poems, two new and one from last January, using occupation- and profession-specific lingo. The effort is all about having fun with the words.

Think about what you do every day for a living and then go write a poem (and be sure to share it in the comments section or at your own place of work). Your results might surprise you!



Black Water and Motion Lotion

Ten four, I hear Mr. Jimmy
yell. What's your twenty?

We got us a real band aid
wrapper up ahead, come to

fetch some Willy Weaver,
no doubt. Hard to miss

that bear in the bushes
on New Year's Day, boys;

but stuff happens. Best back
'em up and slow 'em down;

you don't want no bear bite.
Me? I gotta avoid the picture

taker at all costs. I'm all done
feedin' the county mounties

and city kitties, advertising
or not. Bait, I ain't. Not no more!

Anybody know the best exit
for the closest pickle park?

I need me some black water
and motion lotion real bad.

© 2014 Maureen E. Doallas


Prerogative of the Hyperpower

Listen up. This is deep background,
strictly off the record and not

for attribution, no matter what
the ombudsman thinks. Before

we put this paper to bed, I want
you checking the morgue. No

clip jobs, either. Not one single story
is going to go above the fold, be

the lead, till you're done talking
with every last one of those

unilaterals. This is no vanity press
operation. We're working media.

I'm telling you, I'll stuff that article,
cause celebre or not, if you send me

one more piece about those caring
professions. You think you're Pulitzer

material with an evergreen? Now, go
get me the galleys. Did you fix those

jumps? The TOC still needs a reefer.

© 2014 Maureen E. Doallas


Beat Work

A good cop never wants
to be taking

a code 7 at the scene,
needs his eye

for detail, a body
to put a finger on.

No house mouse,
a good cop wants to collar,

be a closer, stake out
truth from lie.

The right tactical
gear to ram

a bolted door, a warrant
to search and seize

keep a good cop in the bag,
not chasing lost time.

A good cop learns to know
a stalker's MO,

track a snitch's mate
and motive, probe

a person of interest
with a history

and time to give
up a statement.

Even when things go
sideways, a good cop

never goes down
not knowing where

the bright blue line's
been drawn.

© 2013, 2014 Maureen E. Doallas

"Beat Work" was first posted on January 15, 2013.


Brian Miller said...

haha i love the first...i got to ride along with a trucker when i was young...it was an uncle and was so fascinated by the code they used to talk...made me smile big time maureen....

Unknown said...

Interesting form - works to carry the pieces along at a good pace. Thank you for the idea.

Linda Rogers said...

Loved listening to the truck drivers. You must have some experience in the industry with knowing the jargon. Great forms of poetry.

Maureen said...

Linda, although my eldest sister did drive a rig, I have no experience in the industry. I researched the jargon and then fashioned it into a narrative poem.

Thank you all for reading and commenting.

Marina Sofia said...

I have to admit I am usually so fed up with corporate BS that I have little desire to make poetry out of it... but I do like what you have done here, can perhaps relate most to the second, which is why the first and third are the most fascinating to me.

Beachanny said...

Wow there's a lot of cool words and lingo here. I didn't know the first or third; but was reasonably familiar with the publishing references of the second one. How cool Maureen. I should have checked your challenge out earlier. Perhaps I can find a "specialized jargon" poem somewhere down the road. I'm thinking during the Olympics (smiles). Thanks for always being so supportive. Hope you have a great new year!