Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Muse: Coffinmaker Marcus Daly

I think we're meant to carry each other.
~ Marcus Daly

Marcus Daly of Vashon Island, Washington, is a coffinmaker. He measures, saws, glues, carves, and sands with profound reverence and deep respect for his craft. He works a kind of poetry through his hands, a poetry that he articulates beautifully as that "sense of how work is Love made visible."

A video on Vimeo, "The Coffinmaker", tells Daly's story. (Note: You may need an account to view the short.)

Daly's company is Marian Caskets, where the video also may be seen. A portion of the proceeds from each coffin Daly builds is donated for the purchase of ultrasound machines for pregnancy care centers.

My thanks to the Smithsonian Institution Archives's blog The Bigger Picture for the link to this wonderful visual poem, which was produced by Dan McComb. The video was a selection of both the Natural Transitions Film Festival and the 15 Short Film Festival.

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