Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday's Three on Literature and Poetry

Today's post is taking a break from strictly visual arts to offer three items related to literature and poetry.

✭ Experience what it's like to time-travel via poetry with "60 Years in 60 Poems" at The Space, a wonderful digital arts site. Lift off with your choice of paths — year or theme — and then settle in for a unique visual and aural presentation that incorporates archival film footage and recordings. It's helpful to get your bearings by first reading the About pages, which cover the site design, the readers, the poems, and the archive. 

The Space on FaceBook and Twitter

✭ One of my favorite sites, ArtWay, now offers a section devoted to Art and Poetry, accessible from the homepage. 

✭ Want to brush up on your rhyming skills? Try the Rhyming Dictionary at Rhymer, which also explains end, last-syllable, double, beginning, and first-syllable rhymes.

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