Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Peter Korn on 'Why We Make Things'

You really are engaging your hand and your head and your heart
. . . and when you're working in the studio and things are going
effortlessly, it's like you as a human being 
are firing on all pistons really well.
~ Peter Korn, Radio Boston Interview

I've been reading a wonderful book, Why We Make Things and Why It Matters: The Education of a Craftsman (David R Godine, October 2013), by Peter Korn, who founded and is the executive director of the nonprofit Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Rockport, Maine.

The process of becoming a craftsman was 
the process in the sense of building an identity. . . .

. . . we create and edit and maintain stories of the world 
and how we fit into it that are our identity. . . .

. . . we are creating, in a sense, the story of ourselves. . . .

Listen in on this excellent discussion (23:30 minutes) with Korn that was recorded at Radio Boston on January 16. It opens with a reading by Korn, who then discusses how he moved from being a carpenter to being a craftsman, the process of "having an idea and then doing the hard work to manifest it excellently in the world" to find fulfillment and meaning in life, about "striving for excellence", and about creativity. Talking about his concept of "thinking with things," he also identifies some of the tools he uses as a master furniture-maker.

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Anonymous said...

i agree
that it matters
to make with
tools of the hands
plants and wood
pencils and paper
cloth and stone
mind and heart