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All Art Friday

All Art Friday

All Art Friday Spotlights

✦ Rhode Island glass artist Steven Weinberg works with cast and cut glass, creating extraordinary artworks that can be found in the collections of more than 50 public art museums around the world. He started in the mid-1970s using glass architectural construction blocks; in the early 1980s, he transposed interior of grids to the outside to produce three-dimensional optical puzzles; in the 1990s, he turned his attention to cubes and added color for contrast, thereafter focusing on marvelous boat forms (1993-2003) and mandalas (2005-present), drawing inspiration from his visits to China. Visit his Website galleries, beginning with the 1970s, and then take a look at some of his unique commissions, which include glassware for Swarovski and beautiful architectural installations.

✦ New York City's Pure Vision Arts, founded by Shield Institute, describes itself as the first art studio for people on the autism spectrum. Read a Smithsonian magazine feature on PVA, "This Art Studio Nurtures Talent in People on the Autism Spectrum". The largely self-taught artists have exhibits, welcome studio visitors, and sell their work.

Pure Vision Arts on FaceBook

✦ The paintings and drawings of Seattle-based Anne Siems, which have been exhibited in numerous venues around the United States and abroad, are a mix of botanical and anatomical or figurative imagery (humans and animals) open to numerous narrative possibilities. A full range of more than a decade of work reflecting Siems's ideas about dreams, nature, and life and death, is available on her Website. Siems has created the cover art for a number of books, including those of Nobelist Alice Munro. The following animation of the artist's work was created by Robert Campbell in 2010:

Also see this video posted in early 2014.

Anne Siems on FaceBook

✦ Save the Date of Friday, March 6, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m., for the 15th Annual Developmental Disabilities Awareness Art Fair at Missouri History Museum. All of the artworks are by St. Louis Public Schools students.

✦ My friend Judith Olivia HeartSong, owner/founder of Artists and Makers Studios and founder, Salon: An Artful Conversation, shared the following film in which painter Alyssa Monks, who lives in Brooklyn, talks about her creative inspiration and process: ". . . the thing we all really want is to feel connected." The video is part of the series Making Art New York on Vimeo. Watch another lovely film with Monks, this one by Trent Jaklitsch. View Monks's paintings.

Monks will be exhibiting in "Small Works" at Sirona Fine Art Gallery, Hallandale Beach, Florida, through February  15. 

Exhibitions Here and There (All Galleries Edition)

✭ In the Emerson Gallery at McLean Project for the Arts, McLean, Virginia, Joan Belmar, Annie Farrar, and Barbara Josephs Liotta explore physical science through art. In addition to natural phenomena, the three artists demonstrate, in sculpture and mixed-media artworks, conceptual and literal aspects of force, motion, energy, and matter. The curated show, "Manifesting Phenomena: Drop, Hover, See-Through, Lean. . . .", continues through March 7. Spend some time on these artists' Websites; they are all terrific.

✭ Artist-to-watch Heidi Howard, a figurative painter, is exhibiting work through Valentine's Day in "Heidi Howard | Portrait & Dream" at Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York City. This is Howard's first solo exhibition at NMG, which included her among five featured artists the gallery presented this past December at the Miami Project. View additional images.

Heidi Howard, Patrice Washington, 2014
Oil on Canvas, 40" x 48"
Photo Courtesy Nancy Margolis Gallery

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✭ Missouri's nonprofit Art St. Louis Gallery is presenting 38 works by 30 artists in the juried group show "Painting: Reconsidered, Deconstructed", a multi-media exploration of paint as material and as object, on view through February 19. The artists, all of whom are from Missouri or Illinois, include Natalie Avondet,  Christine Giancola, Sarah Gillespie, Sonja Petermann, and John Marksbury (see complete artist list). In addition to paintings, the media include drawings, photographs, prints, and sculpture, as well as digital media. A gallery talk with four of the exhibiting artists (Anika Britt, Shawn Burkard, Samuel J. Cummings, and Michael Rudolf) is scheduled for February 7 at 11:00 a.m.

Art St. Louis on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube

Gallery Openings in St. Louis Blog

✭ Beginning in February, selections from Rebecca Norris Webb's My Dakota series (see slideshow at link; the photographs also comprise a book) will be on view at Blue Sky Gallery, Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts, Portland. Norris Webb's book Memory City (Radius Books) was selected by Teju Cole for The New Yorker's The Best Books of 2014.

Rebecca Norris Web on FaceBook

Blue Sky Gallery on FaceBook, Twitter, and Vimeo

Flatbed Press and Gallery, Austin, Texas, continues through March 1 an exhibition of master prints by Peregrine Press, a Dallas, Texas, fine art press that operated from 1981 to 1991, publishing works by a major group of Texas-based artists, including John Alexander, David Bates, Otis Dozier, Susan Harrington, Peter Julian, Dan Rizzie, Andrea Rosenberg, Frank X Tolbert 2, Judy Youngblood, and Miguel Zapata. The show, "Peregrine Press: A Texas Legacy", features more than 40 works from the press, many still available for purchase.

Flatbed Press and Gallery on FaceBook, Twitter, and Tumblr

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