Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Short

I have found a connection between drawing and sculpting.
I build with line on paper and pull lines
out of the wood when sculpting. . . .
~ David Knopp, Artistic Statement

Today's short, from Maryland Public Television, offers a brief look at the unusual and beautiful abstract furniture and sculptures created by David Knopp. In the video, Knopp discusses his materials (plywood laminate), his tools, and his artistic process. Knopp, based in Baltimore, Maryland, begins with photographs, which become drawings that he then "interprets" (with the aid of 3-D design software) into fluid wood forms.

Browse Knopp's online portfolio. Knopp was a finalist for a NICHE award in 20l1 and is a past winner (2012) of a Baker Artist Award.

David Knopp on FaceBook

David Knopp Blog

Art Loft 301's "David Knopp, Plywood Artist" (2014) also may be viewed on YouTube.

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S. Etole said...

This is fascinating.