Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Poets At Work (Poem)

Today is Poetry at Work Day, sponsored by TweetSpeak Poetry. In honor of the celebration, I offer the following:

Poets At Work

Neruda's in hot peppers
clearly hiding from his hon.
Keats sneaks in among the chocolates,
dares Rossetti to have some fun.

On Tumblr, Rumi's running late
but Teasdale's there along with Yeats.
Their dance goes on, the music swells,
and Rich dives in, in the moment dwells.

Old Eliot's Cheshire cat just gloats.
Poor Emily's gone, her dash denotes
how Plath is jazzed by Langston Hughes.
Not Poe? Alas, the raven squawks anew.

Hall's writing essays, not poetry dark;
Levine's in rain in Ford Highland Park.
Bishop, at the fishhouses, complains of cold
and Rankine spins, another cop's got hold.

Olds, passing mirrors, turns away
and Berryman's Henry, spellbound, holds sway.
Snyder sets up to work in woods,
he's not into dream songs in his 'hood.

We come now to an end of sorts—
haiku's great masters to nature resort.
Some others to banking or doctoring go
but most to teaching; it pays, you know.

© 2014, 2015 Maureen E. Doallas

Poets in Order of Appearance

Pablo Neruda
John Keats
Christina Rossetti
Sara Teasdale
Adrienne Rich
T.S. Eliot
Emily Dickinson
Sylvia Plath
Langston Hughes
Edgar Allan Poe
Donald Hall
Philip Levine
Elizabeth Bishop
Claudia Rankine
Sharon Olds
John Berryman
Gary Snyder


Unknown said...

I just love this! Imagining them all together, living odd lives.

Peggy Rosenthal said...

Delightful! What fun you must have had composing this.

Crafty Green Poet said...


Kathleen said...

Lots of fun!