Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday's Three on Art

Today's Thursday's Three column spotlights a trio of recently published art books, all from Yale University Press.

✭ In Sculpture 1600-2000 (Art and Architecture of Ireland), editor Paula Murphy of University College Dublin offers a survey of four centuries (from early Middle Ages to end of 20th Century) of Irish sculpture. She includes biographies of artists, analytical assessments, and thematic essays. Six hundred color illustrations are featured.

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✭ Drawing on the collection of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Four Centuries of Quilts (October 28, 2014), by Linda Baumgarten and Kimberly Smith Ivey, examine the evolution of quilting styles and trends and their relationship to social, political, and economic issues of the art objects' time. The book includes more than 300 color images.

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A related exhibition, "A Celebration of American Quilts", is ongoing (through June 2016) at Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum.

Mohandas K. Gandhi's ethics of nonviolence are explored through a visual arts lens in Experiments with Truth: Gandhi and Images of Nonviolence (December 23, 2014), edited by Josef Helfensein and Joseph N. Newland, both at The Menil Collection, Houston, Texas. Work discussed encompasses images of Gandhi iconography, photojournalism, and paintings and artworks in other media, both past and contemporary; sacred texts and correspondence also are featured.

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A related exhibition of the same name, featuring approximately 130 objects, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, rare books, and films, is at The Menil Collection; it continues through February 1.

M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

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