Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Feature at Escape Into Life

Dean Pasch
The Way We Remember Forgetting
Digital Photograph
© Dean Pasch 

I'm pleased to introduce the work of Dean Pasch in today's Artist Watch feature at Escape Into Life.

The English-born Pasch, who first moved to Germany in 1990 and has lived and worked in Munich since 1999, is multi-talented; in addition to being a photographer and an illustrator, Pasch also is a poet, a storyteller, a filmmaker, and a "mobile alchemist". Currently, he is producing an online multimedia project, "53 Fragments".

At Artist Watch, you will find eight of Pasch's digital photographs, as well as his Artist Statement and Process and Presentation Notes. A brief biography makes note of several upcoming exhibitions, including StAnza 2015, an international poetry festival in Scotland. Don't miss a chance to visit his Website, where you'll find many more lovely examples of his work. Each offers wonderful narrative possibilities.

Dean Pasch on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTubeInstagram,  Tumblr, and Vimeo


Carole Anne Carr said...

I admire this work, has a wonderful surreal feel about it. Wish I could be at the Stanza Festival, such a variety of media and talent.

Britton Swingler said...

The piece you have featured is emotionally evocative and beautiful. His "53 Fragments" project is intriguing. I enjoy the melding process of the various artistic mediums.

Dean Pasch said...

Thanks very much Maureen - for featuring me here in such a lovely stylish fashion. I love it.

Thank you Carole - I wish I could be at Stanza too ... it sounds fabulous and I am so glad to be a part of it through some of my pictures.

I'm glad to read your thoughts and impressions Britton - especially that "melding process" ... I feel that is also what life is in essence wrapped up in.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful stuff! Thank you, thank you!